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Gift vs ability

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Gift vs ability

Message par Hermine le Ven 17 Avr 2015 - 10:51

This post is a translation from the original article by Hagel & Orion

I apologise in advance for the possible mistakes I might have made while translating.


~ An ability can be developed by training.

~ A gift is a kind of ''donation'' given either by an entity in a karmic context, or a capability inherited from a previous life when the gift has nothing in common with a reward from an action in a past life.

You can train to convert your gift into an ability, but it is extremely rare... A gift is often taken back when it is not needed anymore in order to finish what you had to do.

An ability will depend on your personal energy level and on the type of energy concerned. Unless if you have to use it for a specific purpose in your current life.

In some cases, demons can indeed offer you a great many powers on the occasion of a pact (don't daydream, it doesn't mean you will be the master of the universe). For those able to do it, they will give you ''gifts''. So it is temporary if you don't convert them into abilities and it can be taken back at any time.
In fact most of the time, the demons act for the person who made the pact, and they settle up with him after his death... Otherwise, the demons will lend their power/strength or what is asked in the pact in order to fulfil their part, which is a kind of energetic transfer.

In addition, the favourable hierarchies can also grant gifts in specific occasions.

As you will have understood, a gift is not established, and an ability is a training conducted in a natural manner (developed naturally) or by means of exercises (like accumulation of energy). You can gain it, but also ''loose'' it if your energy level as decreased (in the case of a pregnant woman for example).

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