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[Interview]Pr Jerry Alan JOHNSON (English version)

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[Interview]Pr Jerry Alan JOHNSON (English version) Empty [Interview]Pr Jerry Alan JOHNSON (English version)

Message par Ushiro le Mar 11 Oct 2016 - 22:58

Interview Jerry Alan Johnson

[Interview]Pr Jerry Alan JOHNSON (English version) 350760johnsonitw

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson is a world reference in the different discipline that are the internal martial arts, medical Qi Gong and Daoist magic. He is now at the head of the Tian Yun Gong (The Temple of the Celestial Cloud) that has himself founded as Senior abbot of the Celestial Masters of Longhu Shan in China. He is a true pioneer in the importation of traditional Chinese medicine and medical Qi Gong in the United States, and in particular its impact in the treatment of various cancers with scientifically watched effects. He is also the founder of the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong, an organization dedicated to teaching and transmitting this millennial wisdom and this millennial knowledge.

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Personal :

Martial arts, healings, mysticism, how did you come to these disciplines ?

They were all originally part of my Chinese Kungfu Training, when I started to learn Mizongquan Shaolin Fighting back in the mid-1970’s. In the Shaolin Fighting System that I learned, we incorporate the use of “Si Gongli Fangfa” (the “Four Attacking Methods”) of Chinese Combat; which includes Da (Striking), Ti (Kicking), Shuai (Grappling and Throwing), and Na (Seizing and Controlling).

While I was learning the incorporate the Seven Star System of Shaolin Striking (which includes striking with the hands, elbows, shoulders, head, feet, and hips), and the Seven Star System of Qin-Na (which includes locking the opponent’s fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, knees, and ankles), I was also taught Martial Traumatology.

During this special Martial Traumatology Training, I learned about Qi and Blood Stagnation; and how to create as well as disperse these internal obstructions inside the body’s tissues. Many of these Tui Na Massage Applications that I learned focused on external tissue manipulation, and the proper adjustment of the muscles and tendons that are needed to correct abnormal Qi (energy) circulation within the body’s muscular system. My Sifu explained that originally “Tui Na” was developed primarily for correcting the misalignment of the body’s Bones and muscles due to traumatic physical injuries; and that it was essential for all Chinese Martial Arts Masters to study this special Healing Art.

Right after that, my teacher taught me Jie Gu (Bone Setting), which is the art of adjusting the bones and ligaments in order to unblock and release the trapped Qi and Blood located inside the body’s joints. While learning these unique skills, I was also taught how to apply special external healing medicines using certain Chinese Herbal Wines. Next I was instructed in the skill of Cupping and Bloodletting Therapy, which was used in order to treat acute sprains, accompanied by severe Qi and Blood Stagnation.

With this special training as my foundation, I then began studying the esoteric Wudang Internal Martial Arts Systems, which were often steeped in some of the most mystical teachings of ancient Chinese Folk Magic, and Shaman Based Daoist Sorcery. Because my Shaolin Sifu was also a master of Pole Star Daoist Magic and Yang Family Taijiquan, this was also included in my original training after I completed all of my Shaolin training.

What significant meet have you done on your way?

If I understand the question correctly, you are inquiring about my specific accomplishments, and the significant of this training.. So I will break it down into 4 main categories

Having studied the Martial Arts for over 50 years, I am internationally renowned as a Grand Master of Mizongquan Shaolin Fighting, as well as several styles of Daoist Wudang Internal Martial Arts (namely Baguazhang and Taijiquan); and was certified as a Master Instructor through several Chinese Martial Arts Associations in the United States, Taiwan, and within the Peoples Republic of China. Because of my teacher’s previous training, this foundational teaching opened the door to having me learn Chinese Medicine, and Daoist Mysticism.

Having studied Chinese Energetic Medicine for more than 40 years, I am one of the few internationally recognized Non-Chinese Grand Masters, Clinical Doctors, and Professors of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and was licensed as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (D.T.C.M.) in Beijing, China, through the Peoples Republic of China’s Ministry of Health in 1995. I am recognized both in China and the West as America’s leading authority on Medical Qigong Therapy; and have served on both National and International Committees to promote the practice of Chinese Energetic Medicine. These important connections open the doors to meeting several great masters, who’s important teachings and trainings set the foundation for writing all of my books.

As an Author and dedicated Practitioner, I have written over 33 Instructional Books, including: 5 Books of Internal Martial Arts specializing in Baguazhang; 6 Bagua Correspondence Course Books on Martial Qigong and Neigong Training; 11 Clinical Textbooks on Medical Qigong Therapy; and 11 Instructional Textbooks on Esoteric Daoist Mysticism. In addition to these instructional textbooks, I have also produced 25 Instructional DVD’s, including: 8 Martial Arts DVD’s; and 17 Medical Qigong Therapy DVD’s.

As a Priest, I currently reside as the Senior Abbot of Tian Yun Gong (The Temple of the Celestial Cloud), located in Monterey, California; and received my official Ordination and was Licensed as a Zhengyi Daoist Priest, at the Celestial Masters Mansion, in the Longhu Shan Monastery in China in 2005. As the Senior Abbot, because I have extensively studied Christian Mysticism, Ancient Daoist Shamanism, as well as Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Practices for over 45 years, I run the Temple as a “Teaching Facility,” rather than a Religious Organization. The primary goal being to assist and educate those interested in learning Chinese Martial, Medical, and Mystical Teaching from a perspective of personal transformation; and to help these individuals apply this information towards their own Spiritual Evolution, regardless of their current religious beliefs.

Who were the people who have influenced your life the most, and why?

The people who have influenced my life the most and why, include the following individuals.

Influence in Chinese Martial Arts:
This would include Sifu John Staples, who was my first Shaolin Kungfu Teacher. It was he who originally taught me extremely effective hand-to-hand and weapons fighting applications. Under his strict discipline, I was instructed in Sever Star Striking (hands, elbows, shoulders, head, hips, knees, and feet), Seven Star Joint-Locking (fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, knee, and ankles), Grappling and Throwing, Channel Point Striking, and Point Paralyzing, with an emphasis also placed on learning the ancient healing applications associated with these special fighting skills, including Tuina (Joint-Setting) Therapy, An Mo (Visceral Organ Healing) Therapy, Herbology, and Martial Traumatology, specializing in the construction of various Mineral and Plant powders, tinctures, and elixirs. He also introduced me to the practice of Chinese Martial Qigong, Chinese Medicine Theory, Daoist Alchemy Training, Daoist Esoteric Fengshui, Chinese Astrology, and the special Daoist Folk Magic associated with the esoteric fighting of the ancient Pole Star Daoist Sect.

Also included in this list, would be Sifu Michael Alan Brown, Sifu Bing Kai Lee, Sifu Bing Fei Lee, Sifu Joe Crandall, and Sifu John Fei. These important instructors all introduced me to the deeper esoteric teachings associated with Chinese Internal Martial Arts; especially Martial Qigong (Energy Skill) and Shengong (Spirit Skill) Training, Martial Neighing (Internal Skill) Training, Golden Bell (Iron Shirt) Training, Crushing Palm Training, Vibrating Palm Training, and various esoteric martial applications using the Body, Energy, and Spirit.

Influence in Chinese Medicine:
This would include Dr. Hyun Huh, whom I studied Chinese Energetic Medicine with for over 3 years (from 1978-1981), running an Acupuncture and Herb Clinic 40+ hours each week. Every day Dr. Huh would take me to lunch, and quiz me on each of the patients that we had treated that morning. He would always question me as to the Symptom Manifestations of each Case, their Syndromes, and the reasons why the specific Treatment Patterns had been chosen. Although I had previously studied Chinese Medicine, Needle Point Therapy, Bloodletting, Cupping, Moxa, and Herbal Healing with my Shaolin Teacher, it was Dr. Huh who introduced me to the clinical use and applications of Needling Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Bloodletting Therapy, Moxa Therapy, Qi Emission Therapy, Self-Regulation Prescription Exercises, Qigong Massage Therapy, Healing Sound Therapy, Tuina and An Mo (Chinese Massage) Therapy, Gua Sha (Scraping) Therapy, Bone Setting, Channel Point Therapy, Nutritional Education, and the construction of Herbal Teas and Soups, Tinctures and Wines, Oils, Balms and Liniments, and Compresses, Powders and Pills.

Although I have had several good teachers of Chinese Energetic Medicine, both in the Unites States and in China, it was Sifu John Staples and Dr. Hyun Huh who were most influential in helping me to develop as a healer in my life.

Influence in Daoist Mysticism: 
This would include Sifu John Staples (my first Chinese Kungfu Teacher), who was also a disciple of esoteric Daoist Pole Star Magic, and a master of Yang Family Taijiquan; as well as my first Dragon Gate Daoist Teacher Steve Cook, who was additionally the Assistant Pastor at a Pentecostal Church, and my personal mentor in both Daoist and esoteric Christian Mysticism for many years.

Also included in this list would be Lama Lar. Who introduced me to the ancient teachings associated with the Buddhist Nyingma and esoteric Tantric Traditions; as well as various Mantra (Incantations), Mudras (Hand Seals) and Sacred Geometry (Energetic Image Patterns) applications that are traditionally associated with esoteric Buddhist Mysticism.

When people hear about Daoism, most of them think to the quest of immortality. Is it the main goal of Daoism ?

It really depends on whom you talk to. There are many types of Daoist Priests in this world; and their trainings, skills, and personalities can greatly vary depending on each individual. For example, for 18 years (from 1993 through 2011), I continually traveled back and forth to China, visiting various Monasteries in the Beijing, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, and Henan Provinces; often studying Chinese Energetic Medicine, Esoteric Daoist Mysticism, and Internal Martial Arts with as many Masters as I could. Each Master however, had their own personal interpretation and understanding of what it means to “Walk in Harmony with the Dao.” I believe that the real quest for immortality is found in the awakening of the Eternal Soul, and is discovered within its true understanding of why it reincarnated back on earth.


What were you looking for into the practise of martial arts when you first started out ? And now ?

In the mid-1960’s, I originally began training Martial Arts at a Kodokan Judo Club, and was introduced to various types of Judo Fighting Applications, such as Locking, Throwing, and Grappling with my opponent.
Then in the early 1970’s, I began to study Okinawan “Goju Ryu” (“Hard-Soft Style”) Karate. What first sparked my interest in learning Okinawan Karate, was the fact that when I was growing up, I had some basic instruction in Shotokan Karate from one of the older military kids in the neighborhood (i.e., learning Front-Snap Kicks, Side Kicks, Crescent Kicks, etc.); who had been learning these fighting applications from his father, who was a Marine. Therefore, I was excited about finally being able to officially learn a complete Karate system, as opposed to simply being introduced to various types of kicks and punches.
I started studying Okinawan Goju Ryu two nights a week; and was learning various Karate Katas (Forms), Fighting Drills and Applications, as well as Weapons from my Karate Sensei. Within a year, aside from teaching and training every Tuesday and Thursday night at the local High School Gym, I would also meet with my Karate Brothers every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at a Racquetball court. There, we would train Katas (Forms), Sparring Drills (i.e., Hand-To-Hand Combat Applications), Spar (Free-Style Fight), and practice Weapons Sparring (Staff -Fighting) for about 2 hours.
After several years of training, I had earned my Brown Belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate – then suddenly changed to learn Mizongquan Shaolin Fighting back in the mid-1970’s, after sparring with an incredible Praying Mantis Shaolin Fighter. It is important to understand, that at that time, I had not studied the Martial Arts in order to win different colored belts, but to become a better fighter in order to protect myself and well as my family.
The fighting that I learned from my Shaolin Sifu was both brutal and cruel, and was the most vicious fighting applications that I had ever learned in my life. However, with this same training also came incredible healing skills – and set me on a road to becoming a doctor to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
I understand that everything happens for a reason – therefore training in the Martial Arts served as an important road that was essentially used to bring me into a strong spiritual path.

Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Quan, all are known as “internal” martial art. In your opinion where is the limit between an “internal” and an “external” martial art ?

I believe that when taught correctly, all Martial Arts training are good in their goal of self-protection. I once asked one of my Chinese Sifu which was better: Daoist Wudang Internal Martial Arts Fighting - or the Buddhist Shaolin External Martial Arts Fighting? The Great Master,looked at me and smiled, then said, “Well, both will kill you – but the Wudang Fighter will have a little more energy after he is done….

The true division between these two great systems is noted within the Internal Martial Arts Neigong Training, which the Daoist Fighters traditionally require as part of all Closed-Door Fighting Training. For example, in Shaolin, a student learns to fight rather quickly and can become proficient in combat within a short time. However in the Wudang Systems, although the student does learn some self-defense applications, the first three years are primarily placed on learning the Neigong (Internal skill) of proper root and body structure, moving with energy and vibration, and moving with intuitive perception. After obtaining that, then attention is placed on mastering the student’s fighting skill.

In your books and DVD about martial arts, you give a very important place to the concept of “Rooting”. How is it possible to maintain this state in a fight ? Is the lack of mobility problematic in this situation ?

It is most definitely possible to maintain your Root while fighting. For example, in both Baguazhang and Taijiquan, there are specific teaching that are used in order to help the student remain rooted (Water Dragon) or quickly shift and move their root (Cloud Dragon) while a fighter performs his Martial Arts forms; as well as special rooting instruction that are to be used while a fighter plays the systems 2-Man Combat training sets.

I was taught to always have a strong root when striking or kicking an opponent. Without this powerful connection to the ground, your strikes tend to be much weaker and not as devastating. Think or a seasoned Western Boxer, although he can quickly glide around the floor, when he strikes, he immediately drops his body’s weight and can deliver devastating power, simply because he has learned to root his body when he strikes.

How the practise of a martial art can improve our abilities in healing and in daoist magic ?

All three systems mutually support each other. For example, you have three bodies, a Physical Body – an Energy Body – and a Spirit Body. The Physical Body corresponds to the Lower Dantian and Gong Li (Physical Skill Training); The Energy Body corresponds to the Middle Dantian, and Qigong (Breath and Energy Skill Training); and The Spirit Body corresponds to the Upper Dantian, and Shengong (Mind and Heart Skill Training).

If you learn from a Martial Arts instructor who has been trained properly, then the teacher will introduce you to each of these trainings; which will also increase all of your clairvoyant perceptive skills. These increased intuitions and perceptions are necessary for every Martial Artist, Healer, and Mystic to have. This is because they energetically connect a Martial Artists to his opponent, a Healer to his patient, and a Mystic to the various Spirit Realms.


Can everybody become a Doctor of Medical Qi Gong ?

Yes, with the proper training anyone can become a Medical Qigong Doctor. With some people however, will take a little longer then others to master certain skills, especially when it comes to performing Qi Projection, Intuitive Perception, and Energetic Diagnosis. The reason for this, is because certain people are more energetically in-tuned with their body then others

During your carreer you have worked with many Oncologists. What is the place of Medical Qi Gong in the management of patients with cancer?

Yes, during my time of running a full time Medical Qigong Clinic, I worked with several Oncologists; simply because they had access the Diagnostic Machines that would verify that the size of the tumor was dissolving, or had completely disappeared.

And actually, my specialty was in using Medical Qigong Therapy in the treatment of cancer; therefore concerning Oncology, and I can tell you without a doubt, that Medical Qigong Therapy is excellent in treating Breast Tumors and cysts, Ovarian and Uterine Tumors and cysts, Pituitary Brain Tumors, Thyroid Tumors and cysts, certain Skin tumors and cysts, Colo-Rectal Cancer, and Lung Cancer.

How does the Qi Gong affects the management of different emotional or mental disorders?

This is an excellent question, especially because not everyone should be allowed to perform certain Qigong Meditations. In China for example, there were patients who were more inclined to experience delusional psychoses and other Shen (Heart and Mind) Disorders, therefore they had to be restricted in their use of certain Healing Meditations.

It is important to understand, that both Qigong (Energy Skill) and Shengong (Heart/Mind Skill) Meditations naturally increase all of your sensory and intuitive perceptions. Therefore as teachers, we traditionally begin a student’s meditation training by first establishing a strong energetic foundation rooted within the Earth and their Lower Dantian. Then as the student progresses, they can build upon this important foundation; which is essential, especially before introducing them to more advanced types of meditations.

The world of Western medecine is reputed to be quite hermetic to energetic practices. How did you come to lecture in hospitals and to teach doctors medical Gi Gong?

I was originally asked to come and lecture and teach at the Houston Medical Center and several other Western Medical Hospitals, because of the hundreds of cancer patients that I had initially healed; which drew much attention to me from the media and the oncologists who were treating these patients.

I was also featured in an international periodical called Newsweek Magazine, and right after that, several organizations and hospitals became interested in what I was doing, and Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy.

What are the goals of the ’International Insitute of Qi Gong medicine?

The main goal of the International Institute of Medical Qigong is to continue to make all of this wonderful healing and life-transforming information available to the general public; so that everyone can benefit from this ancient wisdom.


How did you come to create the Tian Yun Gong?

Although I had learned many esoteric Daoist techniques, that could be effectively used in both martial arts combat and healing situations, I was extremely apprehensive at first in sharing any of this information with anyone, even my own students. However, after much thought, I finally decided to introduce some of my Daoist Magical Teachings to a few of my most trusted Senior Disciples.

After that, I began to share with all of my Closed-Door Disciples, and eventually in 2005 started the Tian Yun Gong Temple as an umbrella organization, through which to offer to the public the mystical teachings of the Mao Shan Highest Clarity Daoist Sect, the Longhu Shan Celestial Masters Daoist Sect, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancient Buddhist Nyingma Tradition.

What does it mean for you to be a Daoist Priest ?

To me, any “priest” is actually someone who has discovered how to have their personal needs meet by the Divine and the Spirit Realm; and therefore chooses to no longer live for themselves while on earth, but instead chooses to live as a “facilitator of Divine spiritual transformation” to all who are in need. Therefore I believe that we are all actually called to become ‘priests’ – and to spiritually evolve into true men and women of Divine Light; who live as examples of Divine compassion and joy within the earthly realm.

Now and then, I have met different individuals who were actually confused as to how it was that I could train the various spiritual teachings contained within three different Religions (i.e., Christianity, Daoism, and Buddhism).

I always explain that although I am a Daoist Senior Abbot, responsible for overseeing and guiding several Abbots, Priests, and Disciples at a Temple, I am also a Christian who loves and follows the teachings of Jesus; and have also been gifted with many years of training in esoteric Nyingma Buddhist Mysticism from a powerful yet kindhearted Buddhist Lama.

According to my understanding, the core teachings of Jesus the “Christ” (“the Anointed One”), is based in love; with the primary focus of his teaching placed on Loving God, and Loving Each Other. Outside of that, the rest of the doctrines circulating the globe are simply Religious Dogma; based on other people’s opinions.

And the core teachings of the “Buddha” (“the Awakened One”), are primarily based on experiencing true spiritual freedom by Releasing All Attachments to people, places, and things; which is considered to be the main cause of all human suffering. And, in the Buddhist understanding of life, just like in the original Christian (“Christ Like”) Teachings, each individual is subject to personally receive the spiritual recompenses of all of their own “Karmic (i.e., “cause and effect”) Actions” (“as you sow - so shall you reap”).

The original core teachings of ancient “Daoism” (“the One who follows the Way”), are based on Man living in harmony with the natural energetic cycles of Heaven (Sun, Moon, and Stars) and Earth (Soil, Wind, and Water); and acquiring “Ling Qi” (“Supernatural Energy”) through the development of “De” (“Integrity and Virtue”).

Therefore all three systems can be used simultaneously in order to support one another; and are all mutually beneficial in the development of a powerful Spiritual Walk with the Divine. I believe this to be the main goal of all priests, from all spiritual traditions.

In its learning as in its practice, which are the characteristics and the peculiarities of the Daoist magic compared with western systems such as Cabbala, the Wicca etc. … ?

After many years of study, I have found several commonalities within different magical systems. For example, when performing any type of ritual, everyone always starts with a ‘Purification,’ and then an ‘Activation’ procedure. Then right after that, there are the Presenting Offerings and then Petitioning a certain request or favor.

Each ancient Culture has its own unique approach to interacting with the various Spirit Realms, and the micro-pulsations of subtle energy that exists within these special energetic spaces. Therefore each culture also categorizes the various supernatural powers and spirit entities living within the mineral, plant, insect, animal, and human realms, as well as within the Underworld, according to their own unique understanding based on their own cultural filters. However, how we all interact with these powerful Spirit Entities is always the same, with respect and gratitude.

Having studied several magical/spiritual systems, I have personally discovered, for the most part, that although we all follow different paths – and have different terminologies for the same energetic manifestations, in the end, we all still arrive at the same place on the top of the mountain.

What is the importance of the filiation or the belonging to a lineage in the Daoist magic? Is it necessary for a successful ritual ?

From a magical perspective, the powerful energy of a strong Lineage is extremely important. This is because, since its original foundation, each magical system has developed a strong relationship with its own Celestial Teachers and Guardians, who are ‘contracted’ to protect the teachings and the teachers; and to energetically ‘activate and awaken’ the special transmissions of the spiritual knowledge that is traditionally passed down within that lineage from a Master to a Disciple.

Without this special spiritual covering and energetic protection, the real life-transforming information and supernatural powers associated with the special teachings of that magical lineage is traditionally kept away from the uninitiated.  Because of this – often time rogue spirits will enter and seek to deceive the unprotected individual, especially when they try and invoke certain deities associated with that particular magical sect.

Simply put, in the beginning, it is advisable to first come under the spiritual protection and guidance of a qualified lineage master, before trying to ‘play’ with any type of ancient magic.

In which language an incantation should be pronounced? In its original tongue or in a tongue which makes more sense to us?

Speak the Incantations using “Words of Power.” If these “Words of Power” come from your Heart/Mind – then they will be effective. Some prefer to use other languages – others perform to use their own – what matters most is that your body – speech and mind are all congruent, and that you spear your words with complete faith and powerful conviction.

If someone tells you that the deity will only listen to you if you speak their exact tongue, then most likely the “deity” that they are working with is a lower level ghost. True Deities speak mind-to-mind, and are not restricted my any language barrier. However, the heart-to-heart connection that exists between you, the deity, and the Words of Power spoken, must be solid, strong, and energetically tangible.


You published numerous books especially on the esoteric Daoist practices, aren’t you afraid that your readers access to informations or to practices which could turn out dangerous for them?

Although all of these ancient teachings are real – these teaching are also self-regulated. In other words, without being taught how to properly activate these rituals – they won’t work. All of the books that I have made public are the Teaching Manuals that I used in all of my Closed-Door Daoist Classes. If you are currently learning from any Daoist Teacher, then all of this information is extremely important to have, and you will find it quite useful and applicable for practical application.

Much of the content of your books are considered as “secret” teachings ". Why have published them and what were the reactions among your peers?

I have published these important books because some disciples have been introduced to these teachings, yet still require further, more in-depth training. Therefore these books seek to assist both the teachers and their disciples in remembering and reclaiming certain teachings that have been sometimes lost in translation from Master to Disciple. Additionally, because all true magic teachings are Closed-Door systems of instruction, and with some masters, a disciple is forbidden to take notes during the lectures and transmissions of information; therefore these books act as simple reminders, used to assist both the teachers and the disciples in retaining and utilizing this ancient knowledge. They also allow this secret information to be effectively passed down to future generations.

You recently published yours memories in the work : A MASTER’S JOURNEY: SECRET MEMOIRS OF A WARRIOR, HEALER, & MYSTIC. What was the purpose of this book?

(This new book is avaible here : http://bookstore.qigongmedicine.com/collections/frontpage/products/a-master-s-journey-secret-memoirs-of-a-warrior-healer-mystic )

As I reflect back on my life, and review all of the many strange and unique experiences that I have had as a Martial Artist, Healer, Scholar, and Priest, I am extremely grateful for all of the important lessons, and the teachers who have helped to guide and mold me into the person whom I have become today.

These many unique experiences were pivotal in restructuring my life, and were extremely instrumental in both elevating my mind, as well as bringing all of my studies and work to a higher level of self-discovery, self-awareness, and spiritual transformation.

I now understand that these important experiences were both necessary and instrumental in motivating me from the “service of self” - to the “service of others;” and have also taught me that, it is only through Great Gratitude and Joy, that the Heart can truly be Opened.

Something that my Nyingma Teacher once said to me – that helped alter my way of viewing life, was the following:

“First learn how to become ‘Deliberately Happy,’ because that is your True Intrinsic Nature. Then after that, you can work on becoming ‘Deliberately Loving and Kind;’
and this will change your State of Being.”


Why is the connection with the divine, essential in every type of practise (Combat, Healing, Magic) ?

In the early 1990’s, my Dragon Gate Daoist Teacher once explained that there are three different realms that each individual must awaken to; and that each individual must learn how to overcome their powerful influences while living within the earthly domain. This can only be accomplished through a powerful connection with the Divine.

He further explained that although the earthly domain is a fascinating realm in which your Eternal Soul has come to visit, explore, and have different experiences, while it is here, it must also strive to overcome and master the Physical Realm of Matter; which is associated with obtaining different emotional attachments to various material possessions, and the attainments of special positions of power.

After that, the ‘traveler’ must overcome and master the Energetic Realm, which is associated with various supernatural attainments of and attachments to different magical powers.

Once the ‘traveler’ has overcome the powerful influences of that realm, they must then overcome and master the must subtle energetic influences of the Spirit Realm, which is traditionally associated with the unique attachments to different supernatural spirits and powerful celestial deities.

The way that I was taught, is that only after overcoming and mastering the Realm of Matter you can truly understand and progress through the subtle Realm of Energy. In order to do that, you are first allowed to obtain different material things for your own personal pleasure. However, this type of abundance is simply a test, which acts as a form of energetic ‘distraction.’ Because all of these material things are temporary, the challenge and test comes during the particular journey that one takes in order to possess such things; as well as what happens after obtaining that special person, place, or thing. In other words, how and what you specifically do, in order to try and maintain an energetic hold onto such temporary things. For example, some people develop a powerful mental and emotional attachment to certain people, places, and things, and hold onto them so tightly, that they unknowingly strangle the life-force out of them; while others learn to simply appreciate and value these people, places, and things as unique ‘gifts,’ and then release all energetic attachments to their associated influences in their lives. It is noted that the people who can quickly release their attachments to these lower level realms of influence, and who are able to accomplish embody these important transition, often achieve this liberation because of their deep spiritual connection to a powerful Divine force.

Would you have any advice for our readers?

If I could leave you with just one thought to ponder on, it would be to always remember that “true growth,” only comes through sincere respect and humility.

Thank you very much !
By Ushiro
To equi-nox.net
August 2016

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